From The Stillness is an acoustic duo from the Pacific Northwest.  With solid hooks, haunting harmonies, and introspective lyrics, From The Stillness blends the best features of multiple genres while still keeping a sound that is their own. 

Kristin Harbak (Vocals/Bass/Strings) and Lars Emerick (Vocals/Guitar) first met in 1999 when forming the band Monotone Pictures.  Kristin, then only 17, auditioned for the band and was hired on the spot.  After several albums and countless shows, Monotone Pictures decided to call it quits after more than a decade of playing together.

Kristin and Lars took several years off after that to focus on raising their families and pursuing other interests.  But eventually they came back to their first love…music.  Looking to still play music but do something different, they started writing new material and playing acoustic shows with a more stripped down, pop-folk feel. With Lars on vocals and guitar and Kristin on vocals, bass, violin & cello, the duo found their voice with new songs that reflected their ever evolving views on life.

Starting as an acoustic duo, they recorded their first demo in the summer of 2012 under the name Lars and the Girl.  But due to very full schedules filled with kids, jobs, and everything that goes with that, the two played only a couple of shows a year. (And please note that while Lars and Kristin are both married, they are not married to each other. That would be weird since they are really more like brother and sister.)

Then, in the spring of 2015, they recorded their song "If I Had" for a fund raising event to help support the non-profit organization The TEARS Foundation, which provides financial and emotional support to families who have lost a baby. “If I Had” was written by Lars after he lost his 5 month old son Liam to SIDS. That song and recording was not only dedicated to the memory of Liam, but to anyone who has suffered a tragic loss.  It was their hope that “If I Had” might bring some small comfort to those who were going through the grieving process, no matter what their grief may be.

That recording project re-invigorated the group to focus on spreading a message of love and hope through their music.  And with that vision, From The Stillness was born.

While their live shows are acoustic based and more intimate both volumes of Songs from Sumner Avenue were recorded with a full band.  With the help and guidance of producer Michael Rabb, the songs on both albums are bigger, with more layered and textured sounds.  The albums highlight the songs with soaring dynamics, which help tell a story with not only words and music but with atmosphere and energy as well.  The results are albums that are fresh, yet timeless, powerful, yet intimate, and thoughtful, yet thought provoking.